01 novembre 2019

TEA CULTURE(S) - International Colloquium 2019

International Colloquium 2019

9:30 Marco Ceresa Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Welcome greetings

10:00 Gao Xuyang University of Oxford
Rethinking the Originator of Zisha Teapots Gongchun from Historical and Archaeological Perspectives

10:25­­­­ Livio Zanini Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
The Compilation and Publication of the Chashu Quanji (Complete collection of essays on tea)

11:40 Lawrence Zhang Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
When Smallholders Meet Plantations: Response to Foreign Competition in the East Asian Tea Industry

12:05 Thiago Braga University of California, Davis
The Entangled Worldings of Tea — Tea Art and Ethical Self-Making in Kunming, China

14:00 Andrew M. Watsky Princeton University
About Wabi: Japanese Tea in the Late Sixteenth Century

14:25 Sophie Brégeron Independent Scholar
“A la japonaise”: Japanism and Japanese Tea Culture in Paris at the Turn of the XXth century (1858 – 1930)

15:40 Anna Lante University of Padua
Tea from the Food Science Perspective

16:15 Lorenzo Barbieri Tea producer, Eastern Leaves
Farmers and Dealers in the Yunnan Tea-Mountains: How The Encounter Between Ethnic Minorities and the Han Majority Led to Pu’er Tea

16:40 Giuseppe Musella Tea dealer, Qualcosa di tè
Tie Guanyin Cultivation and Processing: Life in Juyuan Village During the Harvest Season

17:05 Closing remarks